This is a guide to NAFNet, a machine learning model compatible with the imaged SDK. You can quickly develop AI applications using imaged SDK along with several other pre-built imaged models.


Real-ESRGAN is a continuation and enhancement of the ESRGAN project, geared towards creating practical algorithms for general image and video restoration. This tool is particularly effective because it is trained solely on synthetic data yet achieves remarkable results in real-world applications.



Real-World Applications

Real-ESRGAN shines in various restoration tasks, such as enhancing low-resolution images or refurbishing old videos. It provides tools for both casual users and developers, including portable executables and detailed Python scripts for custom applications. Its capability to handle animations makes it especially popular in the anime community, where it is used to enhance video quality and clarity.


Real-ESRGAN is not just a tool but a comprehensive framework for image and video enhancement. Whether you’re a researcher, a content creator, or just someone looking to improve the quality of your digital media, Real-ESRGAN offers the tools and flexibility to achieve impressive results. Explore it today to transform your images and videos with cutting-edge AI technology.

Technical Specs:

Test Environment: MacBook Pro, 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM

  • Model Size: 67 MB
  • CPU Inference Time: ~8878 ms
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